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On the site you will find links to many betting systems including horse racing systems, lay systems,fixed odds football systems,forex and stock market trading systems, lottery systems,Betfair trading systems, automated betting bots as well other related betting information and much more including all the latest online casino,poker and roulette systems.

We have also included a list of bookmakers offering Free bets to take advantage of the their offers using the good systems and bots.

The site also includes reviews of some of the systems and also looks out for scams and tipsters.If you have tried any system that does not live upto expectations please send a review to us so we can publish it so everyone else can be alerted to save their money.

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Essential Tools & Websites

Here are some essential tools we feel are required to assist you in making your betting easier.

The Racing Post - Contains the days racing cards, latest results and up to date news and information.

The Sporting Life - Contains the days racing cards, latest results and up to date news and information.Also has lots of news and information of other sports.

Adrian Massey - A great site containing a wealth of statistics for horse racing in the UK. In addition, there are ratings for UK horse races which are generated by a computer program that are updated each evening for the next day's racing.

Bet Trader Pro - Excellent trading software that speeds up your Betfair placements and in it's basic mode can be used free.

The TimesOnline Predictor - Once you get to the website click on Launch The Predictor and see simulations of all the football matches to be played and the likely percentage of home/away wins and also correct score predictions.

Betfair And Betdaq - The two major betting exchanges essential for most of the automated betting bots and also a lot of the top betting systems.

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