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LayBot Pro
Here are just some of the amazing new features that this automated Betfair bot offers.Bet on UK/US Horses & UK Greyhounds,Determine your min & max odds acceptable.Place bet 10sec-10min before the race start.Multiple staking plan options.And So Much More!Don't miss out on this amazing software. They will be raising the price soon, so don't wait - check it out now!

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Bet-IE is one of the most profitable and outstanding value for money products available on the internet today.
Bet-IE is a betting software that exploits Betfair markets to enable you to select from a variety of built in proven winning functions. If you want to Dutch, Trade, Hedge, Lay, Trigger Bet or Play Exchange Games, Bet-IE is the software for you.

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Auto-BF is a totally unique, completely automated Betfair software solution. The software places horse racing bets on your behalf throughout the day. All you need to do to get the software running is login each morning and you are done!

Auto-BF places automatic bets, based on a complex automated betting strategy (which can be adjusted if preferred) through the official Betfair web-site. You simply login to Auto-BF, and sit back and relax, while the software does all the hard work for you, making consistent profits on the worlds leading betting exchange.

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Lay Formula Staking Software
This Is A Laying System That Is Used By A Professional Punter In The Uk. It Has A 92% Strike Rate. It Is Easy To Use And Works For Small And Big Bettors Alike. All You Need Is The Manual And A Betfair Account. Thats It You Can Start Day!

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Value Horse Method
Have you ever thought how satisfying it would be to have a method of selecting horses that consistently produces profit, month after month. How good would it feel to know that the odds compilers are powerless to protect themselves from your selections? If you want to make that dream become a reality you need the Value Horse Method©. This low-risk betting method is not only unique, it is also bullet-proof and market-resistant.

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Betting Profits Software
The betting exchanges offer you the chance to profit from your investments like never before. At bettingprofitsoftware we have developed our products to enable you to build a solid and reliable portfolio of investment strategies that will help your betting bank grow very steadily.There are a wide range of strategies to be exploited using the betting exchanges and some of these strategies are Dutching, Hedging, Trading, Trigger Betting, Laying and Arbitrage. All of these techniques are very profitable and can now be easily exploited using our software.Our software is used worldwide by investors of all levels, from a novice using the betting exchanges for the first time, to the seasoned full time professional investor.

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The Grey Horse Bot
Now works on Greyhound, Horse races and Football!One of the most advanced betting tools on the market, a brilliant set and forget easy to use Betfair approved automated betting machine.And now bets under Betfair's £2.00 minimum.Unfortunatly on betfair today you are up against betting bots just like the Grey Horse bot, so instead of fighting the crowd why not get into the action and let this software do the hard work for you.Whether it is Horses, Greyhounds or Football. Straight backing, laying or trading the Grey Horse bot can handle it easily.

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The In Play Master
Imagine, you just have to set up the rules, click start and walk away. InPlayMaster does the rest of the work for you.Now with under £2 betting!An exciting totally automatic betting bot that bets on the Horse Racing "In Running Market" at Pure in running scalping bot that can give you fantastic results if you bet "In Running" on horse racing.Inplaymaster gives you the chance to bet on the final furlongs of any race, which is where you want to be because no other place in a horse race gives you greater clarity as to who is winning or losing.

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Ultra Trader Betfair Games
Here is your chance to bet all day 24 hrs a day on total auto pilot.Over 8 months of testing to 100's of users, UltraXTRADER is the fully AUTOMATED betting bot that people have been talking about. Now you can find out how you can add this "set and forget" bot to your arsenal of betting tools.If you want to use Betfair at times that suit you, then read on, this is what you have been looking for!


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