Bags Beater
64% of Greyhound Races are Won by the first bend leader!Find the leader and make 326% ROI.Well it's as easy as A,B,C.A Select the track where the race will be run.B Input the expected sectional times from the racecard.C Study the resulting picture and form and decide if there is an advantage.All the information you need is available for free at the Racing Post website and just to make sure everything is crystal clear we have provided step by step instructions.

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Greyhound System X
Congratulations!You've Found the Most Easiest Dog Racing System In The World today.Let Me Introduce You To...SYSTEM X And SYSTEM X Metric.SYSTEM X Can Be used At Any Dog Racing Track Or OTB.Anywhere!All You Need Is Your Daily Program and a Pen Or Pencil.This Fantastic Dog Racing System.Has been developed and tested for the past 12 years.My partner and I have been using it since 1996 and decided to share it, so we all win!We are the ones who thought about it, developed it,and created it.

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