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World Best Roulette System
Reviewed by dfx100
This is a piece of software that alleges to beat the online casinos random number generation. An impressive video is provided on the site to show the software working and winning. Upon buying the software, the software did not work as shown .I made a number of losses.When contacting the guy selling the software Michael Davis he said it was because other people had been inputting incorrect numbers which meant the software was taking time to work again. I did provide some evidence as he requires to show the errors(he requires this for a refund) however I never received a reply.He offers a 30 day money back guarantee but you have to show screen shots of the best before and after the losses .I actually did this but still no reply .Payment for the system is made via e-gold which you may or may not know is itself under pressure and not the best service to order through plus getting a refund from them is basically impossible.He does now have another payment provider however you will be risking your money if you purchase and I would say stay well clear of this .Another very damning review can be found here and they flag the system as being fradulent.Hope the review helps.

Not Recommended Leave Well Alone!!!!!!

Power Trader Profits
Reviewed by dfx100
This ia a 97 page e-book.The system explanation starts around page 50.Basically the system goes through a number of paremeters to get to a back or lay selection.Whilst an explanation is given at the start of the system for a rating method this is not followed through or shown with any examples therefore I think two different people could very easily come up with different selections in the same race.Overall I did not like the presentation and can only say that I don't think this system will enhance my profits or help my betting.



Forex AutoPilot
Reviewed by dfx100
I was persuaded to purchase Forexautopilot by a friend.I have only recently become interested in the forex market and this seemed like an ideal way to enter the market.

I demo tested the software before committing any real money and I was very pleasantly surprised by the results.The forex market operates 24/7 5 days a week and the software can run all the time the forex market is open.

Here are some of it's features: Works 24/7 - Recognizes trends and hidden trends - Works on the MetaTrade4 platform which is a very popular trading platform - Is based on mathematical models - Simple to operate - Can monitor several markets at the same time although it is recommended to use on the Euro/US$ market only.

Sometimes your target profit will be made very quickly other times it might take 1 or more days.I have the software set to make 20 points per trade.This probably does not seem much but compare this to interest you can get on a bank etc and you will see that this is a fantastic return.I started with a real money account of $500 and in my first month that jumped to $981. Ok, I'm not a millionaire but I hope you can see how this can build and gradually start makeing very big profits when you are able to trade larger and more lots (but only when the bank is big enough to support this).The software has continued to work well and now I have over $5000 in my account.

Profit Potential Just look at this simple calculation if you started with a $300 bank and aim to make $20 per day increasing the size of your lots as your bank increases after 20 weeks you can have over $65000 in your account.Of course this is idealistic and we know things don't go that smooth however the art here is not to get greedy just let the software work for you.

The Verdict I have found this system to be a very unique and profitable automated investment system.I found the set-up to be easy and have not had any running problems since installation but most of all it has been amazingle profitable for me so what else can I say??.

Recommended especially if you are new or know nothing about the Forex market

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Forex Killer
Forex Killer is one of the best known and most popular Forex softwares on the market.
The software uses various mathematical algorithms to analyze when to buy and when to sell foreign curriencies on the forex market.Andreas Kirchberger,who is the creator, designed this software to generate trading signals based on statistical analysis from the closing prices of currencies and the software calculates an ideal to buy or sell. The software is very intiuative and easy to use and understand.

To use Forex Killer, you simply input the closing prices of the last 10 bars of whichever currency you are trading in the time frame you are trading in.Once you’ve punched in the numbers, you click on “Calculate” and you get a signal which tells you either to Buy, Sell or Stay Out. It’s that simple to use.I have found Forex Killer to be accurate for most currency pairs but more so for longer time frames.I have had great success on trading GBP/USD using it on the 60 min and daily periods.This has been a succesful strategy for me.

The system isn’t 100% perfect. While it is VERY easy to use it can take a little bit of time in the beginning to familiarize yourself and to enter all the previous closing prices but it is worth perservering.This is not a fully automated trading robot, as mentioned previously you will have to do some work yourself however Forex Killer will tell you exactly what to do.I found the sales page is a little bit hyped but then again I suppose in today's market it has to be, after all I purchased the software after reading it!!!Anyone into foreign exchange trading will find the software package a great tool and a useful addition to making money on the forex market.


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